Dektron Advantage

DEK-TRON Scientific Instruments believes in helping customers during the selection process,  at the time  of purchase  and thereafter  the instrument is owned .    Technical & Applications Support is offered Monday to Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. EST.

Made In The USA

All of our products are proudly made in the USA.


Quick turn over on maintenance and repair services is DEK-TRON’s “ number 1” objective. DEK-TRON offers complete services in maintenance, repairs, upgrades, and modifications. DEK-TRON understands that the equipment received for service is in a transient state, and its repairs must be completed in a timely manner and returned to the customer immediately. DEK-TRON is proud to have a sensitive, responsible, and well trained technical personnel to perform this important task: SERVICE.


DEK-TRON offers Instrument, Accessories and Tooling Calibrations Services. Calibrations are performed to comply with user’s most stringent needs and procedures, or to comply with equipment requirements and calibration procedures as specified by well known Standards such as ASTM, FOTP, ISO etc. Calibrations are performed utilizing NIST traceable calibrated instruments. The calibration validity is Documented, Certified and Attested by DEK-TRON Lab Services. Calibration results are documented in strict adherence to DEK-TRON’s written procedures for calibrations.


Standard Testing Services is a systematic double check test process to verify validity of test results. This service has been developed at DEK-TRON to provide a valid solution to Quality Control Assurance (QCA) concerns. In order to “double check” in-house test results, production companies , labs, R&D ‘s … , find it necessary to double check sample test results by an external, independent Testing Service whose equipment has up-to-date calibration records. DEK-TRON offers a diversified range of Standard Testing Services; such as, but not limited to: ZDT Test for Paper and Paperboard, Low Temperature Brittleness Test (LTBT) for plastics, Shrink Tension Test for plastic films under high temperatures, Indentation and Recovery Test for Vinyl Tiles, Linoleum, and other plastic man-made materials.


Training programs are custom engineered for a variety of needs and applications, such as: Set-up and use of the Instrument, Sample Preparation, Testing Procedure, Instrument Repairs and Calibrations.DEK-TRON offers formal training at the customer’s site and at DEK-TRON’s dedicated classrooms and laboratory. Training is also offered via Video Conferencing.